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We’ve been enjoying lots of events in Cobh this year to commemorate the Titanic. Over the summer we found ourselves in Belfast. At the time I had just finished the artwork for the “Tubaiste ar an Titanic”. We just had to go view Titanic Belfast. It’s really worth going the extra few miles to se if you are ANYWHERE near Belfast. It was so popular during the summer months that you would need to book ahead. We turned up the first day at about 10.30 am to find it was completely booked out for the day. Needless to say we booked for the next morning and headed onto the giants causeway for that day instead.

Even with two children under 6 years we still managed to view the exhibit start to finish. There were enough knobs and levers and interactive jiggery pokery to keep them engaged and entertained.

Having come from Cork and being well familiar with the Cobh story it was refreshing to get the perspective of Belfast of the time. The people, the industries, the politics, the money.

Of course the exhibition is only part of the experience. The building itself is beautiful and inspiring sitting center stage in the Titanic quarter.