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I spotted my first butterfly of the year yesterday. A red admiral sitting on a dandelion in the very centre of the lawn. My neighbour has a tremendously wild crop of buddleia growing at the very end of their garden. This serves as a big attraction for butterflies and I am thankful for that as it’s such a visual delight.

 Today the butterfly exists as a fashionable, fluffy, whimsical motif exclusively for girls. 

If you have had a baby girl enter your world you will be familiar with the staples of a little girls wardrobe. The key elements are the colour pink, floral motifs and not by accident, butterflies! Lots and lots of butterflies. 

Traditionally butterflies were regarded as a symbol of new life, the soul and transformation. Expectant mothers would adorn their new borns clothes and cradle with butterfly motifs in preparation for the new baby’s safe arrival whether the baby be male or female.

 Have I ever seen a baby boy wearing a butterfly motif- Not yet.

Do I expect to see it any time soon- unfortunately No!

 If you are awaiting your new arrival whether it be boy or girl… Good Luck.





I’ve always felt very sorry for the fox. It is a much mailgned creature. It features in scores of myths and folklore as the sly and cunning character who cannot be trusted. Cleverness is seen as something to be suspicious of.

In early folklore the fox was considered to be the devils spy. Some suggest this is where the practice of fox hunting began. Farmers chased the fox across their land to rid themselves of the devils influence. In favour of the fox – if you caught a fox with a magic pearl you were in luck.

To see one fox on it’s own is considered lucky…keep your eyes peeled no matter where you live. Foxes love the city just as much as the open countryside. Good luck.


Many have used the blackbird as a symbol in song and verse to represent the oppressed in society. Paul Mc Cartney and Nina Simone pop to mind. 


For me the blackbird is a magical bird.There is a very real elegance about the simple shape and colour that I find very pleasing. Petrol black plummage and a deep yellow beak. 


In my experience the magpie, crow and pigeon seem to dominate most urban gardens. So it brings me great joy to welcome the blackbird into my garden. 


Apparently they are very territorial. There is a belief that a blackbird on the roof of your house brings good luck. Two is even better as this territorial streak usually keeps them apart. 


Take time to enjoy the simple things such as this…and good luck!



I’ve spent many hours standing in the park after school surrounded by little boys and girls getting drunk on fresh air. There’s a few trees in the park that are not growing so much as struggling to get out of the shadow of the teams of school boys who climb them every day. Recently I looked over to check on my little guy. I was greeted by a sight that reminded me of a crop of strange fruits hanging off all available limbs. Boys do grow on trees. They become pirates, super heros, and explorers. This is a quick image inspired by that thought.


Whats April Fools all about? There are lots of explanations. Apparently one of the earliest references appears in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (1300’s) , the vain cockrel Chauntecleer is tricked by a fox. These two creatures capture the imagination- here’s my version of their encounter- The escape of Chauntecleer