I spotted my first butterfly of the year yesterday. A red admiral sitting on a dandelion in the very centre of the lawn. My neighbour has a tremendously wild crop of buddleia growing at the very end of their garden. This serves as a big attraction for butterflies and I am thankful for that as it’s such a visual delight.

 Today the butterfly exists as a fashionable, fluffy, whimsical motif exclusively for girls. 

If you have had a baby girl enter your world you will be familiar with the staples of a little girls wardrobe. The key elements are the colour pink, floral motifs and not by accident, butterflies! Lots and lots of butterflies. 

Traditionally butterflies were regarded as a symbol of new life, the soul and transformation. Expectant mothers would adorn their new borns clothes and cradle with butterfly motifs in preparation for the new baby’s safe arrival whether the baby be male or female.

 Have I ever seen a baby boy wearing a butterfly motif- Not yet.

Do I expect to see it any time soon- unfortunately No!

 If you are awaiting your new arrival whether it be boy or girl… Good Luck.