Native american indian folklore stories- what do I know about them?

Zero, that’s what. When I first got the call from Colman the publisher (who’s judgement I would always trust) about this book I DID squeeze a frown!

This is a collection of native american indian folklore tales retold in Irish by the multilingual writer, poet and haikuist Gabriel Rosenstock.

I never doubted Gabriel’s talent for a moment, I doubted my own interest in the subject matter and the kind of art usually associated with these stories. High gloss, airbrushed images of chiefs and wolves fading into a night sky of stars. Admirable images in terms of talent and skill but not my “bag”.

With a small bit of encouragement from Colman and a license to create whatever I thought would bring these stories into their own I set off on my own little journey of discovery.

The results of this voyage is shown below. This is a taste of a larger series of images. I created one image per story so the fun lay in trying to get the major elements of the story to work together in one place.

I chose to take a graphic approach influenced by the geometric designs of native american indian ceramics, clothes, decoration and so on.

Do tell me what you think whatever that may be.

Can’t wait.